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Retainer Instructions

  • Wear your retainers exactly as the doctor has instructed you, usually full time for the first 3 months except when eating or cleaning your teeth.
  • The retainers should always be in your face or in their case, otherwise they are often lost or broken. Never place them in a napkin or on a tray at restaurants
  • Clean your retainers daily with your toothbrush and 2-3 times/week with an Efferdent® tablet or similar product.
  • Pets love to chew on and steal retainers, keep them safe!
  • Speaking may be awkward at first, but the tongue adapts quickly. Reading out loud or singing will help you get used to them faster.
  • Your retainer can break, so be careful. If you think they may be broken, contact our office immediately.
  • Do not adjust your retainers yourself, call us.
  • You will need to bring your retainers to all of your appointments after you are done with your braces.
  • If you take good care of them, they will last a long time. They are expensive to replace!
  • Do not place your retainers in hot water, in washing machines, or other hot places that may warp them, like the dashboard in your car.

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