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Why Braces?

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A great smile is obviously one of the benefits of orthodontic treatment, but the effects go further. For some, self-confidence improves throughout treatment, thereby affecting social interactions and sometimes even career opportunities. Beyond the appearance of your teeth, treatment also helps create the best fit for your teeth so that you can function with a solid bite and protect your teeth for a lifetime. Braces are an investment in your future! It is important to us that you are as comfortable as possible throughout treatment and that you enjoy seeing the changes take place.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Braces have changed so much in the last few decades! There are more options for the type of orthodontic appliances that can be used. Some forms of treatment include removable appliances, such as retainers or Invisalign. Others use brackets glued to the teeth, such as metal, ceramic, or plastic appliances. Studies have proven that the teeth respond better by gentle, constant forces, not tightening or pushing hard on them. With new technology used to make the wires, teeth move faster and more predictably. For traditional braces, the brackets are bonded to the teeth, a wire is places through the brackets, and small rubber bands (ties) are used to hold the wire in place. You can pick the color of these ties each month, or choose to use clear ones.

Duration of Treatment

Treatment usually requires one to three years for full orthodontic treatment. This depends greatly on the patients needs and whether or not they are still growing. For some, growth guidance is a part of treatment and may require more time. For others, treatment may be limited to a more focused area and may only take a few months. Treatment length is greatly dependent upon the patient’s cooperation, including how well they keep their teeth clean, the proper use of rubber bands and other appliances, and being sure to come to their regular appointments for timely adjustments.

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